Why choose DPG to manage your property?

image3Our Focus Is On You

DPG came together as a result of a vision that Rebecca and Rob have to create an agency focused on our clients with exceptional staff making life easy for clients and tenants alike. At Donald Property Group we are looking to build our business on relationships that last for the long term. We achieve this through setting a standard in customer service ensuring professionalism, integrity and ethical conduct.

We draw on over 30 years’ experience in the industry with experience in property management, real estate, new home and land sales as well as mortgage broking. Many satisfied clients boast of the quality of service provided and the communication they had received. See our client promise.

Industry Experience Counts

Rebecca has a wealth of sales and property management experience. With a great reputation for the speed that she has rented or sold properties, Rebecca works hard for both the owner and the tenant to ensure the process is smooth and as seamless as possible. Rebecca has a great mind for the whole industry with out of the box thinking, which has led her to have sold or leased a number of properties that other agents couldn’t sell or rent.

Rebecca’s credibility is drawn from years of experience of dealing with client’s face to face, dealing with issues as they arise by phone or face to face not via email or text. Working equally hard for both the owner and the tenant, DPG has a strong track record in management or tenants, arrears and owner satisfaction. A lateral thinker by nature, Rebecca offers solutions to problems as they arise with ease.

Raving been in the property industry since 1987, Rob understands the industry front to back and back to front. Over the years he has experienced the rises and falls and cycles that the property market goes through. Rob has sold property and managed some of the largest companies in Western Australia. This wealth of experience is one of the driving factors to the success of DPG.

Under Rob’s guidance, DPG has procedures in place which ensure the smooth transition of the sales or rental of your property.


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