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Your Dream Home? We’ll Guide You All The Way

Buying a home is a big decision, as a buyer you need to feel that the agent working for you has your best interests in mind. At DPG our professional staff will guide you through the rules,regulations, pitfalls and opportunities of the property market.

If you are a buyer and looking for a home the trained staff at DPG will conduct market research on your behalf and then source the appropriate options of possible homes for purchase.

Many options need to be considered, if this is an going to be the home you live in, does it meet your needs. Sufficient bedrooms, location, access to transport, access to schools, parks and shopping.

Your Investment, Our Knowledge

If the property is an investment you will need to decide if you are after the highest return investment or if you are looking for the best capital growth on the property or a combination of both. As with owner occupied homes, investment purchases need to take into account sufficient bedrooms, location, access to transport, access to schools, parks and shopping, all of these will impact your return.


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