Landlords Guide

Our Quality Standards in Property Management

When DPG searches for tenants for the properties they manage, many factors are taken into account.

Often the owner wants to rush the process and take the first applicant without due process. This policy often leads to a poor choice of tenant who abuses the property and or may fall into arrears with rent payments.

At DPG we conduct relevant background checks and checks with authorities.

Strict control and management of tenants makes sure that we achieve the best result for our owners.

Landlord insurance

Landlord insurance is an important safeguard for you to have in order to protect your property.

Events such as injury or illness may prevent your tenant from paying rent. You may have the ‘perfect’ tenant but events such as natural disasters or burglaries can damage your home and contents.

Without landlord insurance your investment property is at risk.


Dealing with arrears can be a difficult and awkward task. Our experts here at DPG know how to handle these situations with ease and efficiency. We check our arrears every day and contact them via phone, email and text to cover all basis.

We can receive a valid explanation as to why they have not paid, however if his is not the case we provide them with a breach notice followed by a termination notice. This is done to ensure that you are getting what you deserve from your investment property.


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