1st Time Renter?

Are you a first time renter? We know it can be a scary and unfamiliar process. Here are our top tips for a successful application

Being a first time renter can be a daunting experience. But we all started somewhere and being a first timer doesn’t make you a less desirable candidate provided that can supply evidence of good character and your ability to pay the rent and car for the property

Below are a few tips and tricks to ensuring that you ace that application first time around.


Book in for a viewing that suits and try to bring someone who may notice things you don’t (Mum, dad, sibling, friend). Ask us plenty of questions and have a really good look around the property. It’s a big decision, you may be looking at multiple properties and they all blur after a while. You want to make sure that you remember the property once you walk out the door, snap a few pics if that helps too!


It’s so common to receive an incomplete application and unfortunately it means it takes longer to process your application. Nothing will make your Property Manager happier than receiving an application that can be processed in full straight away rather than chasing up bits and pieces which can take days.

Our applications will tell you everything we need from you right on the front page. Pay close attention to the kind of ID required, pay slips and references and provide exactly what is requested. If you’re not sure give us a quick phone call to clarify, we’re happy to help!


One of our primary roles is to find tenants that we are confident will pay their rent in full and on time. How do you do that without rental history?

Payslips are a no-brainer of course and absolutely essential but you may also want to provide a bank statement which shows not only consistent income but also any consistent payments that you make such a car repayments or phone accounts for example to demonstrate financial responsibility.


We require an employment reference if you are working as well as two personal references who can vouch for your character. Don’t forget to let them know that we will be giving them a call as chasing up references can often take up the longest part of processing an application.

We also ask for details of your most recent rental. As a first time renter you won’t have an agency but you may be boarding with parents or family and their details are fine for us to be able to give a quick call and verify amount of board paid etc.

If you’re looking to rent your first property, or perhaps you’re a seasoned renter – check out or properties available now on our For Rent page.