Types of Property

To ensure you know what you are exactly selling, we have outlined to various types of property and how they are characterized.


An apartment is a property that is located in a building that has more than one resident. Apartment buildings are typically several stories high and usually have communal areas such as parking, a pool and a gym. Apartment complexes tend to have strata fees, which would pay quarterly, and these fees go towards the maintenance of the common property, complex and new features.

Generally these properties are easily maintained and they are normally located in high demand areas, such as being close to a river, or having the city nightlife close by, it depends on your lifestyle. This may not always be the case however it is very common in these buildings.


Townhouses are typically found in complexes that have some sort of strata rates. Along with this, Townhouses are typically two story and can share common walls, however they can also be freestanding. These complexes usually share a driveway and can have their own lane way connecting to each garage or carport.


A villa is similar to a townhouse in that there are multiple freestanding properties on a single block but do not normally have strata fees as there is little to no communal areas, more commonly there is just a shared driveway.

A unit is similar to a low level apartment in that it typically has strata fees, that are lower than fees in an apartment building. They are usually found in 1×1, 2×1 and 3×1 variations that can be a single story or multiple stories. Units can share a parking lot or have their allocated bay.

The term villa and unit can be interchangeable, however they are usually differentiated by these characteristics


These can be single or multiple story dwellings on a single block. These properties will have a green title, this means that there are no strata fees as there is no shared property. This could be a 2×1 home on a 800 sqm block or a 4×2 double story home squeezed onto a 300 sqm block and everything in-between.

The Perth metro area spreads from Wanneroo all the way down to Rockingham and inland towards Mundaring. It is possible for houses in these zones to be zoned as rural or special rural but majority of houses in the metro area will have a green title an R-code zoning.


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