Tips for renovating your home for sale

Doing all of the necessary renovations to prepare your house for sale may be an important step in selling your home. With over 25 years worth of experience, we have some tips for renovation that could help you with this task.

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It doesn’t matter if your house is carpet, timber, tile or anything else, what matters is the quality that the flooring is currently in.

We recommend not using vinyl flooring as, in our experience, it does not stand the test of time. Using something such as laminate floor, or a simple carpet can really help to add that little bit of extra value to your home. This does not have to be a overly expensive task, it may just be replacing the old, faded carpet in your lounge room, or replacing the old vinyl floor in the dining room, with something new, and fresh.

  • Tiles are good, they are hardy, they don’t scratch as easily, a lot of variety with the colour options (It’s easy find something affordable and stylish that makes the house look modern)


The paint in your home may be faded, damaged, drawn on, or simply needs a fresh coat to give the room a little bit of life.

Try to avoid using overpowering, bright colours which are very hard to colour coordinate. There may be the perfect buyer out there who has the same ideas as you, however it makes the the perfect buyer harder to come by. Using neutral colours or colours which are easy to coordinate with can help you find that buyer that little bit easier.

  • colours such as white, cream or greys work very well
  • Avoid black as this can be too dark (could use as a feature wall in a theater room)


Similar to flooring, it doesn’t matter what type of bench is in your home, what matters is the condition of it.

If you are renovating, we recommend trying to avoid the cheaper options, such as laminate as, in our experience, these benches tend to fade in time. Simply putting in that little bit of extra money to get the timber, or stone bench-top can really go a long way while selling your property. These bench-tops are more appealing, while also being more functional (you couldn’t get away with putting a hot saucepan on a laminate bench-top) and easier to maintain.

  • New laminate is better than old, faded laminate, 20 year old bench-top
  • Types of stone bench-top, essa-stone, granite, marble,

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