How to prepare your house for sale

Here are a few tips on how to prepare your property for the market. We believe that these tips can get you a better deal for your property as well as making it more appealing to the buyer.

Simple Cleaning

It’s as simple as removing the cobwebs from the corner of the lounge room, or wiping the smudge marks off your shower door.

Giving the house that last little clean will give the house a fresher, more appealing feel to it. Doing this can really show the buyer what the house’s real potential is.

  • Sented stick or an air freshner, this is good if it is a vacant property, when someone comes in it gives the house a better smell when people come in.
  • Give the walls a gentle wipe to get any of the scuff marks off

Garden Maintenance

To make the outside of your home look like it came straight out of a magazine is not essential, however doing small work on it can make it look a lot more appealing to the eyes.

Simply removing the weeds from the garden, trimming back any overgrown plants, and giving the lawn a mow can really make the property look more interesting and appealing to the buyer.

  • Try picking up low cost plants from a nursery or home renovation store to mix through garden beds
  • Add mulch, this makes the garden bed look nice, neat and well defined, helps the plants retain water and help them stay fresh and green, stops the weeds from growing quickly, could use wood chips of pebbles (avoid sheep manure)

Interior Paint

A freshly painted wall or ceiling does bring the property a new and modern feel, repainting the whole house is an unnecessary, and costly task.

Covering up any scratch marks, chips, kids masterpieces, or faded areas with a fresh coat can help to achieve a similar perception as re-painting the whole house would.

  • Netural colours, whites, creams, greys

Minor Repairs

Every home has that broken light switch that your partner promised to fix months ago, or that broken door handle that you don’t need to use because you can get by without it.

Just repairing these little things can help to add that extra bit of value in the buyers eyes, it makes the house look newer as well as showing the buyer that this home is perfect for them to move in to.


Staging is the art of furnishing your home in photos to give the buyer ideas on how the house could look for them.

It is a more costly way to prepare your house for sale, however it could help to show the buyer the potential of this property.

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