General Information for Tenants

Routine Inspections

Routine Inspections will be carried out approximately 6 weeks after the tenancy start date, and then every 3 months after that.

You will be given 14 days notice before the inspection will be conducted.

You are welcome to be present at the inspection. Should you not be home, we will use our office set of keys to gain entry.

Telephone & Internet

The lessor makes no representations about the availability of telephone lines, internet lines or any other communications to the premises. The tenant must take his/her own enquirers regards the availability/cost and/or installation of those services.

The tenant is allowed to install and/or attach cabling telephone lines to the premises provided no damage is done to the premises in installing, attaching or removing them. The tenant pays all costs associated with that installation/removal.

Utilities Connection

Please arrange (if applicable) for the power and gas to be connected at the beginning of the tenancy.

  • Synergy:               13 13 53
  • Alinta:                   13 13 58
  • Kleenheat Gas:    13 21 80

Water Consumption

It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay 100% of the water consumption at the property. Due to the methods of invoicing by the Water Corporation, the bill will always remain in the name of the owner and you will be invoiced by our office.

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