Air-conditioning Filters & Evaporative Air-condition

It is your responsibility as a tenant to clean the filters on split system and wall mounted air-conditioning units in the property.

An evaporative Air-con type of cooling device requires open windows and doors to function. It works by cooling air in the unit on the roof then blowing the cool air through the house and forcing the hot air out.

Ensure the water tap is turned on. This is usually a copper pipe located outside and running up the wall of the house to the air-con unit.

The system does not work well on humid days. For this reason, we recommend using the ‘fan’ function with the water turned off.


Thoroughly clean oven/hotplate/grill/exhaust fans. Spills and grease left too long can result in baked on stains which are impossible to remove without damage to the surface.

“Gumption” is particularly effective in removing baked on marks around hotplates.

Clean all Removable Marks from Walls

This is important, in particular at furniture level and grubby finger marks.

Particular care should be taken not to have beds without bedheads hard up against walls. Normal body fluid come into contact with the wall and over a period of time cause considerable discolouration that is hard to remove.

Avoid placing furniture hard up against walls also. Doing this is likely to cause excessive marks and chips that are not considered normal wear and tear.

Cook-top, Bath & Basin Cleaning

Please DO NOT USE ABRASIVES. Cleaning caused by scourers is avoidable and not considered normal wear and tear. Cleaning cook-tops immediately after use is your best option at avoiding this.

Driveway & Pavers

It is the tenant’s responsibility to make sure these areas are kept weed free.

Glass or Ceramic Cook-tops

Please only use cleaning products specific to these surfaces. A soft cloth is your best safeguard from scratches. Do not use scourers as these will scratch.

Scratches of this kind are not considered wear and tear and will be the tenants responsibility to repair.

Please clean the cook-top after each use after it has cooled down.

Lawns & Gardens

If you have lawn and gardens at the property it is your responsibility to maintain these unless otherwise specified in the lease agreement.


Exhaust fans and open windows help eliminate dampness that causes mould. Alternatively you may use a commercial mould remover.

Pests, Insects & Vermin

In accordance with your lease, all reasonable supermarket remedies should be attempted prior to reporting a pest problem to our office.

The following may assist:

Caterpillars – These normally crawl down a tree. Spraying a band of Baygon or similar product around the base of the tree can help control caterpillars. Caterpillars hibernate underground in the cooler months and come out in warmer conditions

Wasps – Small nests can be sprayed with Baygon or a similar product. Please exercise caution as wasps can be aggressive. This is best done at night when the wasps as inactive.

Ants – These can be particularly annoying, however there is little use in having them professionally treated. Removing even the tiniest of food scraps will help control the number of ants in your home. Be vigilant about cleanliness. Ant dust in window tracks can be more effective that ant rid or baits.

Polished & Timber Floors

Every step must be taken to protect your floors and minimize damage. Felt pads or something similar must be places under furniture. Avoid wearing high-heels in these areas. These kinds of damage are not considered as wear and tear and can be expensive to fix.

RCD Switch & Circuit Breakers

If the electricity goes out or you have no electricity available from power points or lights please check your RCD switch. It may be a faulty appliance that has tripped the switch causing the power to shut off as a safety precaution.

Flicking the RCD switch back ‘on’ will allow the power back through your home.


If your property has a bore then it must be operated on a regular basis to prevent the seals drying out. This is recommended every 2 weeks for 5 minutes during winter and autumn.

Please ensure you are familiar with programming your reticulation and regularly check it is working. Manuals can be downloaded form the internet if one is not provided.

General Maintenance such as changing sprinkler heads, micro-sprays, backup batteries or clearing blockages is the tenant’s responsibility

Shower Recess, Basin & Bath

These must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent mould and mildew, these can stain grout and penetrate silicome permanently. This in turn can be expensive to rectify.

Store bought “Domestos” is highly effective in killing mould and mildew without back-breaking scrubbing. Please be aware that this is hospital strength bleach and wearing old clothes during cleaning is advised.

Regular use of easy wipe-on, rinse-off “shower power” will keep your bathroom clean or use of a “squeegee” every time you use the shower removes water and stops mould in the first place.

Taps in Basins & Sinks

Please do not allow grime to build up. It will harden and be extremely difficult to remove. Wipe water up promptly.

Watering Days

Please cheack your allocated watering days at the Water Corporation website

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